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Air Conditioning Services

Our servicing and repairs for air conditioning systems are conducted by CITB qualified technicians working at your chosen location, and from our fully equipped vans.
Air conditioning means more than just warm/cool air in the vehicle. The reliability of the air temperature, the removal of bacteria and odours are critical for a healthy vehicle, but the system does require periodic maintenance. We offer:


Air conditioning health checks
Basic re-gas
Environment sanitation
System repairs & servicing


We use a Lovair Sanitizer (right) which generates ozone within the vehicle in order to remove bacteria, fungi and mildew (as well as odours) which build up from condensation and lack of use - especially during winter months. This disinfecting and deodourising service provides a healthier safer atmosphere to the benefit of driver and passengers.


Running an air conditioning system 5 - 10 minutes every week throughout the year reduces functional system problems.

Lovair ozone generator

A Kdesign photo of the Lovair


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